Jackie "ChiChi"

Birthday:  October 22, 1991

Favorite coffee drink:  Raspberry mocha with an extra shot of espresso or a creamy caramel latte with a little bit of sugar and whipped cream on top of course and some extra caramel drizzle...Yum.When its hot out though I sure do love a creamy caramel frappe cha-cha!

Favorite piece of lingerie: I would have to say my red lace red bra and panties and my thigh highs.

Favorite food: I love all seafood, steak and veggies...I can't choose just one!

Favorite type of music: It all depends on my mood! I listen to pretty much everything. But really enjoying listening to alternative music or edm.

What are your future plans? I would have to say pursue my modeling career and depends on where I end up I would love to open up my own Hot Spot.

What is your favorite part about being a Hot Spot girl? My favorite part about being a Hot Spot girl is being able to be myself, see my customers and brighten up their day with an amazing coffee and a beautiful smile, and dress sexy!

Describe yourself in three words: